Water Systems (Domestic)


Harms Engineering Inc.’s (HEI) philosophy in working with small water systems is to help them satisfy the regulatory requirements of the Departments of Health and Ecology while staying true to the system’s own limitations and requirements. HEI strives to be a full service engineering firm that helps small water systems successfully navigate projects through the process of planning, securing funding, design, competitive bidding, and construction.  Our clients have included water associations, water districts, mobile home parks, produce processors, wineries, daycares, farms, dairies, camps, and more.

Following is a description of some specific projects, and a list of many of the tasks and types of projects that HEI has completed in our work with small water systems.


Sample Projects

Wallula Water District 1, Wallula WA

Our relationship with Wallula Water District 1 started in 2007 with an Engineer’s Project Report for Arsenic Remediation. In that report, HEI recommended that Wallula construct a new well to remediate their high arsenic.  HEI continued working with Wallula over the next several years and prepared a Small Water System Management Plan, applied for a Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan (DWSRF), applied for water rights from Ecology; applied for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) General Purpose Grant with Walla Walla County, prepared an environmental review record; applied for a water right change; worked with Wallula and the Burbank School District on property acquisition; applied for a Conditional Use Permit; designed a new well; prepared bid and construction documents for a new well; managed the bid and construction process for the well construction; prepared a Groundwater Source Approval Application; designed water system improvements (new reservoir, well house, booster pump station, chlorination system, standby generator); prepared bid documents for water system improvements; managed the water system improvement construction project; and prepared an operations and maintenance manual.  In addition, HEI worked with Wallula and Walla Walla County on the management of the loan and grant requirements including preparation of reimbursement vouchers, monitoring reports, review of certified payroll, and close out reports.    

Eltopia Water Association

HEI has a long relationship with the Eltopia Water Association. During the many years working with Eltopia HEI has: prepared an Engineer's Project Report for Nitrate Remediation; worked with the Council of Governments and Franklin County to get planning grants from the Department of Health and the CDBG program; prepared a feasibility study for arsenic remediation; prepared an environmental review record; applied for a conditional use permit; applied for a DWSRF loan; applied for a CDBG General Purpose Grant with Franklin County; designed a new well; prepared bid documents for the new well; managed the well construction project; prepared a Groundwater Source Approval Application; designed water system improvements (reservoir, pump house, booster station, distribution system, and chlorination system); prepared construction and bid documents for water system improvements; and prepared and coordinated signatures for easements; and prepared and coordinated signatures for easements; and managed the construction project for the water system improvement project for Eltopia and Franklin County. HEI has also worked with Franklin County to manage the grant and loan requirements including certified payroll review, monitoring reports, and voucher requests.

Clark Addition Water System, Pasco WA

HEI provided planning, design, and project management for a nitrate remediation project for this small water system.  Our work included initial feasibility study for combining separate adjacent water systems; comprehensive water system plan for the newly combined water system composed of up to 80 residential connections; application for and management of grant and loan funding; construction and bid documents for a new domestic water system including new well, reservoir, pressure booster station, and distribution system; construction management for two phases of construction; source approval and water right change applications; operations and maintenance manual; and overall project management.


Coventry Vale Winery, Grandview, WA

HEI has worked with this winery in Benton County to construct a new well to increase the reliability of their water supply.  HEI’s work has included design and construction documents for the well; coordination with well drillers; Groundwater Source Approval Application; design of well controls and connection; and request for waiver for reduced sanitary control area.

Shuler Housing Water System, Benton City, WA

Olsen Brothers Ranches constructed a new farm worker housing project in 2009 on Shuler Road in Benton County.  The farm worker housing required a new water system for which HEI sized the well pump; designed the well controls and water distribution system; prepared and submitted a Group A Transient Non-Community (TNC) Water System Development application; prepared the protective covenants; and coordinated well testing (water quality and well yield).

Columbia View Water System, Burbank WA

HEI has completed a range of projects for Columbia View Water System. These projects have included planning documents such as Engineer's Project Reports for Nitrate Remediation and Comprehensive Water System Plan; construction and bid documents  for water system upgrades (new fire hydrants, booster station controls, and new water lines) and for a new distribution system; and project and construction management. In 2007 and 2008, HEI worked with Columbia View and the Port of Walla Walla to develop an agreement in which Columbia View would purchase domestic water from the Port of Walla Walla's new nitrate treatment system. Construction of the new domestic distribution system finished in November 2009.

Wilgus Housing Water System, Grandview WA

Our scope of work for this farmworker housing project included design and construction documents for new Group A-TNC water system, ion-exchange nitrate treatment system design, and source approval application.

Water Systems Services

Reports and Planning Documents:

  • Arsenic Remediation Engineer Project Reports
  • Nitrate Remediation Engineer Project Reports
  • Water System Feasibility Studies
  • Comprehensive Water System Plans (Group A Community systems)
  • Small Water System Management Plans (Group A Community systems)
  • Engineer Project Reports
  • Groundwater Well Source Approval Reports
  • Environmental Review Reports
  • SEPA Checklists
  • Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Water System Approval Applications for Group B systems, Group A Transient Non- Community systems, and Group A Non-Transient Non-Community systems

Analysis and Design:

  • Water System Usage Analysis
  • Water System Hydraulic Modeling and Analysis
  • Water System Capacity Analysis
  • Nitrate Treatment System Design
  • Arsenic Treatment System Design
  • Chlorination System Design
  • Well Design
  • Well Pump Selection
  • Well Monitoring
  • Well Testing
  • Water Distribution System Design
  • Booster Pump Station Design
  • Well House Design
  • Water Storage Tank (Reservoir) Design

Bid and Construction:

  • Construction Drawings
  • Technical Specifications
  • Public Bid Packages
  • Cost Estimates
  • Public and Private Bid Process Support
  • Construction Management and Administration
  • Construction Inspections and Observations
  • Certified Payroll verification/management

Additional Services:

  • Consultation
  • Site evaluation
  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Grant Writing for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG)
  • Grant support and project management
  • Loan Applications for Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loans (SRF)
  • Loan support and project management
  • Coordination with local jurisdictions for planning, grant sponsorship, and alternatives evaluation
  • Water Right Change and Transfer Applications
  • Utility and Construction Easement Preparation
  • Protective Covenants for Well Sanitary Control Areas
  • Water Use Efficiency (Goal Setting, Analysis, and Reporting)
  • Consumer Confidence Reports